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Martin the Guitar in the Big City

About Martin the Guitar: On the Road:

Dick Boak, Director, C.F. Martin & Company Archives

The new children's book sequel Martin the Guitar: On the Road is once again beautifully illustrated by Brian Barr and playfully written by Harry Musselwhite, who has personified typically inanimate musical instruments and provided them with suitable personalities and adventures to boot. Young and old will enjoy these escapades! 

Kathryn Nobles, Director of Kindermusik, Berry College

Martin, Big D, and Loar return in this delightful sequel to Martin the Guitar. You will love reading about Martin and his friends as they take the stage at a music festival in Martin on the Road.  Like any great story this one has a twist that will have you on the edge of your seat.  You are certain to resonate with one of the fun personalities among the characters and cheer for them as the plot unfolds.  Besides a great story and beautiful artwork, this book will introduce young people to the world of musicians on the road. 


About Martin the Guitar:

Idgie, the South's leading book blogger (

For a slim children's book the story is nice and hearty. By this I mean that the pages are filled with words, not just a short paragraph and an illustration. It could easily fill two bedtime reading episodes.

The book tells the story of the Martin the guitar, always left behind,not picked for group songs and somewhat bullied by the bigger, more popular instruments.

It's a story about believing in yourself and I don't think you can start those lessons too early.

A good story with an important lesson - and a bonus CD of the music played in the nighttime concerts the instruments put on!

I would say the publisher is correct in that the wording - for a child reading this himself - would be around 6 to 8 years old, but the story itself is more of the 3 to 6 year level. A nice addition to a child's bookshelf.

Kathryn Nobles, Director of Kindermusik, Berry College

There is a fictitious music store in New York City called Benninato's, and the shop is full of instruments waiting for someone to take them home. One small guitar named Martin was a favorite of Mr. Benninato, but no one ever looked twice at Martin. People who came in the store favored the larger instruments. This story was written by Harry Musselwhite, director of choral activities at Berry College. Mr. M wears many hats: choral director, basso profondo, film writer, and now adds children's author to his list of abilities. 

What I love about this book:

The characters. Their names are fun to say, and create images as you read.

The lessons it teaches. Martin is small, and over looked among the other instruments, but Mr. Benninato is encouraging to Martin. This teaches patience, good things come to those who wait. The seasoned violin, Strada also gives Martin inspiration to step up. This helps kids realize their elders do offer wisdom and encouragement.

The way the music store comes to life. All children love to imagine what happens when the store is dark, and the people have gone. The instruments in this story to come life with a concert each evening, and the same guy always wins (is he the store bully?), until one night....

The artwork. It is colorful, playful and delightful. The illustrator, Brian Barr, teaches at Georgia Highlands in Rome!

The accompanying CD. The music doesn't go with the story page by page like many children's books, but it takes the listener into the world of Martin. 

Berry students were involved in the process of putting this book together. Liz Robbins and Wes Scheidt are music education majors, and have been assistants in the Kindermusik classroom! Berry College educates the head, heart, and hands!

The book is a bit lengthy for the younger child, but children ages 6 - 10 will be engaged from beginning to end. Children of all ages (2 - 92), will be enchanted with the compositions that are played so masterfully. Did I mention that Mr. M wrote the songs, and played them too?? What a talent!!